The Classroom

So here it is:  A huge, massive room that I am lucky to inhabit.  In a week, 25 Grade 6s will live here, too.

One of my (many, many, many…I can’t write many enough) goals this year was to make my room purposeful.  I wanted to create a space that was open, minimal, and ready for student voice.  I’ll let the room speak for itself.


The room itself:  First off, I am super lucky to have so much storage.  This makes the room seem less cluttered.  Because I have a lot of room, I made the seating on the left (as you can see with single, double, triple, and group options for students), and there are standing tables around the room.  I am lucky to have two guided table/areas, so my awesome SERT, Geoff Keen (@keenwlu28), and I can run guided practice.

The right hand side is ’empty’ and this will be our meeting area.  Students will be taught how to move their chairs to this area for read alouds, consolidation, and anything else whole group needed.

At this point, my bulletin boards are bare.  They will soon become full of student work, voice, and our learning together.  I want students to have a say as to what we decide to put up, and what we decide is valuable to our learning.


White Boards/Verticle work space:

I had purchased these white boards last year, so thought I would prop them around the room.  Baskets of white erase markers are scattered, so students can collaborate on the white boards.  All of my STEM items are organized in the cupboards, for students to reach.

I have left our provocations on each work area, so students can enter and move toward what speaks to them on the first day as they enter.  I have left stickies and markers in the hopes some may write what strategies they are using, and what they are creating/building.  Some may or may not write, but that is ok for now.

IMG_0806Reading:  I am huge on reading, love it, and am passionate about reading.  I have many, many  books — all from my own collection.  I have organized them at the ‘front’, so they are easily accessible for students.  One thing I like to do is have students continue to add to the books as their interests become relevant.

IMG_0800Math Play Table:  This will be my math play table, thanks to sara (@saravdwerf)’s blog about creating a play table.  I am eager to see it start!  Thanks to @Trianglemancsd for the patterning with mirror idea — such a cool way to see symmetry, and depth of patterns.


As students work, I will leave these very generic reflection prompts of their provocation/games to start.  Some will write, all will talk, and the practice of reflecting and making connections with tasks will begin!

IMG_0802Self Regulation:  A simple quiet area in the back corner for students who need a breather.  They can think here, read here, grab a clipboard and work here — but it’s also an alternate place for them to go if they need a little space.

I am happy with my skeletal plan, and ready for my student’s to add their mark.  This white board will soon be full of student thinking!IMG_0804


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